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Pool Table Doctor
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* Pool Table Moving
     This process requires disassembling the table completely, packing it in our service van for transport then professionally assembling the table at the new location. Set up will be for optimum playability or to customer specification.

* Tear Down
  Disassemble the pool table and stage all parts within the same location.

Professionally assembles the pool table for optimum playability or to the customer specification.

Work with the table as a whole to level out the playing surface

* Table Recoveries
Remove the old cloth on the rails and table bed, replacing it with your choice of color of new cloth.

Cushion Replacement
Removal of your dead cushions (harden bumper) and install new cushions (bumper).
               Give us a call to schedule the service you need.
                                      (515) 257-3000

                             At this time we do not service coin operated or one piece slate tables.
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