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You are asking how is it we can guarantee our work?
Simple, our technicians have proper training, only use quality tools, and superior products.

Properly trained technicians?

The most important part of the pool table is a smooth and level playing surface. Our experience and training allows us to take the time to get the slate properly leveled and seems filled. Using flat shim around the edge not wedges, bees wax not putty, when applicable staples not adhesives and Championship cloth. 

What are the shims for and why flat?

Majority of home pool tables have three pieces of slate, although each piece of slate is near perfectly level in its self, these are being set on a wooden frame which may not be and in a room where the floor most likely is not due to the house settling. Thus shims are used to compensate for these reasons to bring the slate and table back level. Using flat shims may take more time, but using flat shims under a flat surface will hold true and not have the tendency to shift, like a flat surface on a wedged shim.

What is the bees wax for?

Bees wax is the proper choice to fill the seams or joints of the slate and the only option we use because it remains pliable. If your pool table shifts which it can from settling, large amount of weight being stacked on the table or someone walking on the table. The bees wax will flex with that movement. If putty or a hard compound is used it can crack allowing fragments to break off to form bumps under the cloth. The only option to fix this problem then is to have the cloth removed and the seams repaired.   

Why staples over adhesives?

While both forms are acceptable to use, if the slate has backing we will use staples. It is cleaner and allows us to visually verify the cloth is secured 100% around the slate. On tables where the slate does not have backing the cloth can only be applied with adhesive; we will use an industry approved adhesive that provides a secure bond.

Why Championship cloth?
 The cloth we selected is a 20 oz 75/25 wool/nylon blend that has a wide array of colors to choose from and gives a consistent quality for us to work with, putting the final touch to that smooth and level playing surface.

Pool Table Doctor Of Iowa guarantees all our workmanship and should there be a problem we will get it resolved.

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